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Chateau Lexhy

This beautiful estate is situated in Belgium, just across the border with the Netherlands, 35 minutes south of Maastricht and 10 minutes west of Liege.

On this estate covering 47 hectares redolent with history and rich in memories, contemporary standards of living go hand in hand with respect for tradition. A series of castles and farms have stood here since the 11th century, torn down and rebuilt over and over.

The current building dates back to 1853. The symmetrical 57-metre façade consists of seven bays, with a wide pediment in the middle carried by four pillars. The exterior of the castle is austere and imposing.

The pediment is emblazoned with the coat of arms representing the alliance between the Blanckart and Von Hövel families. A belvedere tower in the centre of the building offers a gorgeous view of the surrounding area. The grounds cover 47 hectares in total, including pastures, the historic chapel and the farm. The lovely lanes and lawns of the castle park cover 7 hectares.

The renovation of this listed heritage site took 12 years, resulting in 23 castle apartments and 4 coach house apartments.

Some of these apartments are now for sale and available for enjoying in luxury and elegance this special place and the parc with its beautiful lanes and old trees.

An exceptionally friendly, welcoming community of Dutch and Wallonian residents already live in the castle and its coach houses. You're sure to feel right an home here !


Apartment I West

Situated on the first floor of the castle, this 196 m² apartment is west-facing. While retaining the traditional elements, the apartment still satisfies all the standards for a modern residence. The floors are made of solid oak, as are all the doors. The outer walls are a full meter thick and the inner walls are 50 cm. All the windows have double glazing, guaranteeing optimal soundproofing and heat/cold insulation.

450.000,- EURO.

The front door opens onto the hall, offering access to the toilet and separate shower room, equipped with washer and dryer. The hall leads into the spacious living room (15x5m), with the kitchen on the right. A large room (7x8m) beside the living room could easily be adapted into two additional bedrooms, although this grand space is currently being used as a study. The master-bedroom is 4x6m, with an adjoining bathroom with shower and bath.

Apartment II South

Also situated on the first floor of the castle, this 136 m² apartment is south-facing. Retaining the lovely traditional elements, the apartment still satisfies the standards of modern living. The traditional tile floors come with underfloor heating. The doors are made of solid oak. The outer walls are a full meter thick and the inner walls are 50 cm. All the windows have double glazing, guaranteeing optimal soundproofing and heat/cold insulation.

 350.000,- EURO.

This apartment is on the first floor. When you exit the lift, you will see the sunny, south-facing apartment with balcony immediately to your right. The front door of the apartment opens onto the hall, which offers access to the storage cupboard and the toilet. From this vantage point, you’ll have a great view of the entire length of the apartment (20 meters!). 

The bathroom with full bath, second toilet and washer and dryer connections is on the right. The bedroom with balcony access is directly opposite the bathroom. The original ceiling beams have been retained in two of the rooms. The first 7x8m room houses the spacious kitchen/dining room, painted a lovely green in keeping with the style of the surroundings. The first fireplace is located here. The second 7x8m room is the living room, overlooking the farm, the chapel and the courtyard with its rose gardens. The second fireplace is in the living room.



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